1.  Philemon Williams came to Virginia from England with his brother Rial, according to family tradition.  That tradition says that he was lost at sea retuning to England.  The first record of him in America is found in the Goochland County, Virginia Deed Book 8, on page 95, dated August 2, 1760.  It is the Inventory of his Estate after he died. (The problem is, was the father of Philemon # 2, Philemon # 1 or his brother Rial?) You can probably order an assignment based on this story, and it will be finished by writers from the best custom writing service. At https://bestwritingservice.com/ you may see similar projects that gained many attention.


2.  Philemon Williams was born in either Goochland County, Virginia or in England, depending on when his father came to Colonial America.  He married Lucy Green.  Philemon moved from Virginia to Tennessee.

The known children Philemon Williams and Lucy Green are:

           i.     Lucy Williams was born October 6, 1792 near what is now Nashville, Tennessee, died October 10, 1880 in Arkansas, according to her tombstone.  She married Jesse Ward.  The Wards moved first to Alabama, and then to Johnson County, Arkansas.  Jessie Ward died by 1846.  They had three sons and two daughters.

          ii.     Rial Williams was born August 29, 1793 in Tennessee.  When he was age 26, he married the 15 year old Orpha Garrett in Galletin County, Illinois.  Two months later, Rial s wife had the first of his thirty-one children.  (See the book “Rial Williams’ Thirty-One Children,” by Dorothy Ware Wilson, published in 1995 by ARC Press of Cane Hill, Arkansas.)

2      iii.     Philemon Williams was born about 1795, in Tennessee, and died March 21, 1846 in Yell County,  Arkansas.


3.  Philemon Williams was born about 1795, and died in Yell County, Arkansas on March 21, 1846.  He served in the War of 1812 as a Private in the Tennessee Militia, Second Regiment East Tennessee Volunteers.  His brother joined on February 15, 1814, Captain Lane’s Company Mounted Riflemen, West Tennessee Militia.  Rial Williams was sent north during the War and stayed, going to Illinois after the War, where he married.

4         i.     Redmond Roger Williams.

          ii.     Henry Harrison Williams, , born August 17, 1843 and was killed in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek on August 10, 1861.


4.  Redmond6 Roger Williams (Philemon3, Rial2, Philemon1) was born December 10, 1841 in Yell County, Arkansas.  He died June 2, 1931 in Yell County, Arkansas.  Redmond lived the last year of year of his life in the home of his daughter Ida M. McCray near Chickalah, Arkansas.  He died at sunrise, after a ten-day illness, at the home of his daughter.  He is buried in the Fulton Cemetery on Highway 28 in Yell County.  (See David4, child v above.)  A tombstone was set in 1992 by John H. Williams and his daughter, Johnnie Zollinger.

Redmond Williams and his brother, Henry, enlisted in the First Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Company H, on June 9, 1861.  Henry was killed in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in Missouri on August 10, 1861.  The story of their Civil War service can be seen on the web site robert-ford.ws/Civil War/.

Redmond Williams lived in the Gum Springs community, two and one half miles east of Chickalah.  Redmond had a 300 acre farm south of Magazine Mountain.  He donated two acres of his farm to the Gum Springs Presbyterian Church.

It appears that in the 1880s he hired a farm hand by the name of Addison Jefferson Lewis of Jones County, Mississippi, who become his son-in-law.

Redmond Williams married three times and had twenty-one children.  His first wife was Sarah Jane Harrington, born1834 in Tennessee, and died 1874 in Yell County.  She is the daughter of James Harrington and Artemise Tucker.  (See David4, child v above.)  Sarah was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.  She is possibly buried in her Church cemetery or the Fulton Family Cemetery.

Redmond died at sunrise, after a ten-day illness, at the home of his daughter, Ida M. McCray.

The children of Redmond and Sarah Williams are:

5         i.     Ella Jane Williams was born in 1867 in Yell County, Arkansas, and died in 1920 in Denver, Colorado of tuberculosis she contracted from one of her sons.

          ii.     Ida M. Williams, a twin, was born 1868 in Yell County, Arkansas and died November 17 1955 in Little Rock, Arkansas..  She is buried in the Upper Chickalah Cemetery.  She married John Newton McCray December 24, 1913.  They had no children.

        iii.     Louis Williams, a twin, was born in 1868 and died young.

         iv.     Eugene William was born in 1887 in Yell County, Arkansas.

          v.     James Oscar Williams was born in 1873 in Yell County, Arkansas, and died in Texas.

Redmond died at sunrise, after a ten-day illness, at the home of his daughter, Ida M. McCray.


Redmond’s second wife was Mrs. Amanda C. (Orr) Smith, who he married on June 26, 1876.  She died on July 9, 1885 and is buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  With Amanda, Redmond had six more children, all born in Yell County, Arkansas.

         vi.     Philip Williams,

        vii.     Stella Williams, born about 1877.  She married July 14, 1895 to Walter Carter.

       viii.     David Williams, born about 1879.

         ix.     Sarah G. Williams, born March 1881.  She married June 1, 1901 to W.J. Pennington.

          x.     John Polk Williams, born about 1883.

         xi.     Henry Oliver Williams, born March 1885.  He married August 28, 1908 to Lulla Maxine Redman.  They had four children.


At age 44, Redmond’s third wife was the 15-year Josephine Elizabeth Buttram, who he married on 9 July 1886.  She was an Indian.  She died in 1910.  With Josephine, Redmond had ten more children, all born in Yell County, Arkansas, for a total of twenty-one children, the youngest of who was still alive in California 155 years after he was born.

        xii.     Amanda C. Williams, born July 1887.  She married June 3, 1912 to Ernest M. Adams.  They had three children.

       xiii.     Redmond Harrison Williams, born October 1888.  He married November 7, 1909 to Pearl Bray of Ft Smith.  They had three children, Garland, Brooke, and John.

       xiv.     Charles L. Williams, born 1890.  He married December 25, 1913 to Rosie McIntosh.  They had six children.

         xv.     Grover Williams, born November 1892.  He never married.

       xvi.     Fulton B. Williams, born June 1895.  He married January 10, 1916 to Vivian Irena Young.  They had five children.

      xvii.     Joseph Williams, born August 11, 1896, an died December 2, 1980.  He was gassed in WW I and survived.  He married Edith Wald.  They had three children.

     xviii.     Hugh Williams, born June 15, 1898.  He married September 19, 1915 to Gaither Pearl Ware.  They had six children.

       ixx      Ima Jean Williams, born 1901.  She married April 1, 1915 to Oliver Perry Carr.  They had eleven children.

        xx.     Claude Williams, born 1902.  He never married.

       xxi.     Ora Beatrice Williams, born 1904 and died in California after 1995.  She married October 22, 1922 to Raymond Womack.  They had six children.



                                                                     Glenna and Davis Gibson with Redmond Williams


5.  Ella5 Jane Williams (Redmond4, Philemon3, Rial2, Philemon1) and (Redmond6, Eleanor5, David4, David3, William2, James1) was born in 1867 in Yell County Arkansas.  She died in the 1920s of tuberculosis in Denver, Colorado, where she is buried in an unmarked grave, as is one of her sons.  She married Addison3 J. Lewis (Eli2, Howell1) in Yell County, Arkansas.  Addison arrived in Arkansas before the 1880 Federal Census was taken, in which he is listed at age 22.  He goes to work for Ella Jane’s father on his farm.  Ella Jane worked as a laundress for the Lodge on top of Magazine Mountain.  A young Jamie Dee would go with her mother to her job on the mountain.  Janie tells of seeing her father plowing in a field south of the mountain.

The children of Ella Jane Williams and Addison J. Lewis are:

           i.     Gath Lewis, born October 14, 1882, and died July 9, 1947.  He married Maggie Bice.

          ii.     Connie Lewis, born April 9, 1885, and died August 14, 1900 at age 15.

6      iii.     Janie Dee Lewis, born March 9, 1888, and died January 12, 1980.

         iv.     Glenna Lewis, born November 8, 1890, and died August 11, 1944.  She married Alexander Desel in Texas.

          v.     Roger Williams Lewis, born October 10, 1892, and died in the 1920s on an August 11

         vi.     Terry Lewis, born January 13, 1895, and died in March 1962 in Essex, Illinois.

        vii.     Edith Lewis, born April 10, 1899, and died December 2, 1976.  She married Fred Gibson.

       viii.     Paul Lewis, born April 16, 1904, and died December 31, 1978.  He married Johnnie Reeves.

         ix.     Paulyne Lewis, born May 11, 1907, and died March 28, 1989.



6.  Janie6 Dee Lewis (Ella5 Jane, Redmond4, Philemon3, Rial2, Philemon1) and (Ella 7, Redmond6, Eleanor5, David4, David3, William2, James1) was born March 9, 1888 in Yell County, Arkansas.  She died at Ada, Oklahoma January 12, 1980.  She is buried in the Jackson Cemetery, west of Hartford, Arkansas.  She married Augustus L. Hill in 1905 in Hartford, Arkansas.  He was called Gus.  He was born December 13, 1870 and died February 9, 1940 at Gerty, Oklahoma.  He is buried in the Jackson Cemetery.  He was a watermelon farmer.  (His Hill ancestry is elsewhere on this website.)

The children of Jamie D. Lewis and Gus Hill are:

           i.     Gussie Ruth Hill, born July 24, 1906, and died May 30, 1954.  She married Guy Veazey.

7        ii.     Pauline9 Valentine Hill, born February 14, 1909, and died September 9, 1985.  She married Robert W. Ford.

        iii.     Ben Leon Hill, born October 2, 1910, and died November 2, 1913 of diphtheria.

         iv.     Ida Jeanette Hill, born1912/13 and died September 14, 1913 of diphtheria.

          v.     Augustus Luther Hill, Jr., born December 13, 1870, and died February 9, 1940.  He married and divorced Mildred Thompson.

         vi.     Leroy Milburne Hill, born August 3, 1920, and died April 29, 1944, over Germany.

        vii.     Warren Francis Hill, born April 16, 1922, and died April 15, 2001.  He married Toni Morris in October 1943.

       viii.     Ellen Jane Hill, born May 11, 1929, and died June 5, 1986.  She married Odell, Dorsey.