Books for Sale

Dr. John Perley Ford (1794-1860) His Life and Times, Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families 1635-1994.  It was written and published by me in 1994.   It has 605 pages, over 1,000 footnotes, 125 pictures and fully indexed with almost 7,000 names.  We descend from John and Andrew Ford of Weymouth, MA who arrived in here in 1635.  Principal families, in addition to Ford, are:  Abe\Abbey; Anderson,  Denson, Farmer,  Follett; Gallman, Moore, Prater, Quattlebaum, and Whipple. You may find cheap ghostwriters for hire in addition to save guide articles at

For a list of libraries in your State that have the book that you can review, send me an e-mail and tell me the closest big town.

Newly available, TIMOTHY BURGESS HAMPTON AND MARGARET MOORE OF BUTLER COUNTY, KENTUCKY.  It is 116-pages, 159 pictures and bound in plastic with clear cover to show colored crest on Title page.  Price, shipped by priority mail, $25.  The paper is 300-year archival paper.

Also newly available, the CIVIL WAR DIARY OF LT. ROBERT I. BOYINTON, in booklet form of 122 pages with his wife's Civil War Nurse service.  It is bound in a plastic binder with a clear cover.  It is printed on archival paper that will last for many years.  Cost $25.

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